Agnese Kurzemniece

studied at the J. Rozentāls Riga Art High School (1984–1991). Following her graduation from the Graphics Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts, she obtained her Master’s Degree (1991–1998) in Graphic Arts and also graduated from the Gunārs Krollis etching workshop. In 2012 she studied and worked in Spain at the non-toxic gravure printing workshop of Henrik Boegh, Grafisk Eksperimentarium.

Agnese was born and raised in Riga where she still lives and works. She specialises in painting and graphic art. Her mother, Vineta Kurzemniece, is a distinguished sculptor, whilst her father, Dr. Aivars Kurzemnieks holds a Doctorate in Maths and Physics (Dr. habil. Phys.). The couple has five children, three of them having successful careers in art disciplines.

Since 1990, Agnese has taken part in a number of exhibitions, both local and international, in Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, France, Austria, Sweden, Ukraine, France and Greece. She has also held several solo exhibitions.

Pieces of her work are featured in many private collections worldwide, at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre and in the Ventspils Museum.

Agnese is a member of both the Union of Latvian Artists and the Graphics Chamber of Riga.

The artist in her studio

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Artist’s Studio Location: Riga / Latvia

Specialties: Painting, graphic art

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Languages: English, Latvian, Russian