Agnese with Helena

“My work obtains a meaning for me when an exploratory or investigative process is involved. It otherwise feels just like a mechanical process.

The question is always the same: how can I tell the story that is so essential to telling?

Stories narrate the way we see and position ourselves in the world, in relationship to our surroundings, to others, and, also, to ourselves.

A picture is an unspoken thought, often seen in a slightly larger perspective…”

“I have a strong academic background, and although over the last 10 years, oil paints were replaced by acrylics my interest in exploring humans in the broader sense has remained unchanged.

My images and themes are capacious and ambiguous, and I have my own set of limited symbolic images, among which the woman clearly plays a key role. She has unique, recognizable proportions and distortions.

Through my artistic practice, I try to understand and feel some of the general patterns that nature and man live by. How do we influence one another, how do we shape each other, and what are the archetypes, that explain our deepest interactions.

Through my personal experience and at the same time observing the world around me – people and nature – I find visual and poetic parallels embodied in universal schemes, where landscapes are a lyrical scenographic background for the versatility of the inner world of man.

I am concerned about the beauty and tragedy of life, its order, and its continuous flow, in which the brevity and uniqueness of each individual moment is drowned.

Through symbolism and surreal scenes, I try to comprehend the world to which I live and belong.

Pieces of my work are featured in private collections worldwide, also in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre and Ventspils Museum.

I’m a member of the Union of Latvian Artists as well as the Graphics Chamber of Riga. I have been awarded several local and international awards.

I recently participated in the Venice Biennale 2022, within the framework of ARTBOX.PROJECT Venezia 1.0 with my painting “The transference”.

Agnese with Helena
Trunk painting

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Artist’s Studio Location: Riga / Latvia

Specialties: Painting, graphic art

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Languages spoken: English, Latvian, Russian